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Since 1976 we have been mentoring athletes in fulfilling their dreams. As a Non-Profit 501c3 we raise funds to assist our athletes in achieving their ultimate dream, Olympic Gold Medals! With dreams this big we need donations of all sizes.

From youth programs to the Olympic podium our partners help athletes achieve success on and off the mat. We have experienced first hand the impact wrestling has had on people’s lives well beyond their time on the mat. Together we can continue shaping lives through competition, camps, clinics and even creating new wrestling programs.

By making a recurring donation you will gain access to insider interviews with wrestling legends, browse our photo gallery and read interviews with our team members. 

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Wrestling teaches skills to help you rise as a champion in life. Skills such as determination, sportsmanship, respect and belief in oneself. 

Corporate partners have the opportunity to align with one of the most decorated wrestling clubs in US history. Together we can provide much needed resources on a grander scale. Creating new youth programs, pioneering Division I Women's Wrestling Teams and create community outreach programs.

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Help us raise funds to assist athletes in achieving their ultimate dream.

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Contributions made to the wrestling program will help fund our athletes pursuit in full-filling their Olympic dream. Athletes are required to maintain their US and international ranking in this pursuit. In order to do this they must compete. In order to compete they must have access to the best coaches, trainers, practice facilities, weight-lifting and nutritional plans and above all the right mindset. Behind every athlete is a team that guides them and pushes them and mentors them. We need you to be on that team!

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Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club, Inc.

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Kim Martori-Wickey

Sunkist Kids Executive Director

Mark Perry - Sunkist Kids RTC Head Coach

Hours of Operation

Contact us for more information. Athletes must meet RTC qualifications set forth by USA Wrestling in order to participate.